Scuola Italia is a responsible business that takes an active part in the local community. Part of our role we believe is to assist people in need. We have decided to donate two euros for each student that comes to our school to support a charity that is working hard to help communities in need. We see this as a small but important way we can help alleviate some of the suffering around us. We will report who is the recipient of our donation every year.

This year we have chosen a charity that is based in Cameroon which has special connections with Urbania. The Association is called Talitha Koum Camerun Onlus. One of the local priests of Urbania is originally from Cameroon and with the help of this charity they have established primary and secondary schools for the children in Cameroon. This is a very proactive charity that is changing the lives of young children in Cameroon through education. We are very proud to be working with this charity in 2010.

For further details on this charity you can:
- Visit their website
- Email them at
- Write to them at: Associazione Talitha Koum Camerun Onlus Corso Vittorio Emanuele 11, 77- 61049 Urbania (PU) Italy Tel/Fax: +39.0722.317111

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