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Painting Course

Painting, drawing and creative communication course

The purpose of the course is to offer an opportunity to those who wish to discover and enhance their own creativity and capability of expression through the use of colors, images and materials, when rhythms and lifestyles, sometimes become too fast, and don’t allow us to recognize and express them at their best.

 painting course
 scuola italia - painting course The artistic path wants to be detached from a traditional idea of course because, beyond the acquisition, technic and didactic learning, there is an intention of interacting with other creative forms of communication which deeply stimulates our sense organs to have a wide and conscious imaginative involvement.
It may be particularly interesting to be able to experience and verify the purposes mentioned above, trying to create occasions and enjoyable moments of meeting and socialization, in a fun, relaxed and reflective context.  scuola italia - painting course

Course Instructor LORIS GRINI.

He graduate from the Belle Arti Academy of Urbino in 1992, and has collaborated as a scenographer at the Rossini Opera Festival of Pesaro and in other theatrical production in Italy and abroad for a period of twenty years.
He is currently working as a painter, interior decorator, and has been a painting teacher since 2005.

scuola italia - painting course scuola italia - painting course









The price of the course includes both the materials and the instruction.

 COST:  6 hours € 190,00
             12 hours € 330,00