Another popular option is to take a course with one of Urbania’s master ceramicists. Many years ago Urbania was called Castledurante; it was one of Italy's most famous centres for fine ceramics.
The ceramics that have survived from this time can be seen in great museums around the world. Nowadays several groups of artisans work here producing ceramics by hand just like it was done in medieval times. Come and be a part of an old tradition.

You can create superb pieces under the expert direction of one of our ceramic artisans. What better souvenir to take home than a piece of Urbania ceramics that you have created by hand?
The course takes place in a local artist's workshop. The course is limited to a maximum of three participants. The lessons are principally hands-on, as the artist guides you in the art of decoration and leads you towards the ultimate goal of creating your own work of art.

The price of the course includes both the materials and the instruction.

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6 hours of lesson

€ 200,00

12 hours of lesson

€ 390,00

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