Cari amici!
Era un bellissimo tempo. Mille grazie
La scuola Italia è veramente perfetta
Mi mancano le parole non posso dire che mi è piaciuta.
Sicuramente ritornerò.
Un saluto speciale a persone speciali.
Katja Palle – Austria 09/07/1999

Cari Corinna, Tiziana, Barbara, Roberto
Grazie soprattutto di un benvenuto molto cordiale.
Queste due settimane sono insieme molto ricchi, a livello di lingua che a livello umano! Mi sono sentita molto bene qui.
Mi piace il vostro entusiasmo e la voglia di costruire qualcosa di bello.
Ci vediamo! Sono sicura!
Tanti saluti
Bernardette Conrad- 18/06/1999

Vorrei ringraziarvi del bel tempo qui ad Urbania. E’ stato un soggiorno molto piacevole. Alla vostra scuola si riceve una buona accoglienza e l’energia e l’entusiasmo delle insegnanti sono stupendi e impressionanti. Se ho la possibilità ritornerò con piacere l’anno prossimo.
Tanti saluti e auguri per il futuro.
Lone Smith-Danimarca-28/07/2000

Solo una parola: RITORNERO’
Nicole Andra- Austria18/08/2000

Ma che posso dire! Prima di partire per l’Italia ho avuto una brutta esperienza. Pensavo di aver perso la voglia di studiare la lingua italiana. Mi ero stancata con tutto quello che era collegato all’Italia. Ma si dice: dopo la pioggia ,c’è il sole! Allora il mio sole siete voi.
Tutti gli insegnanti (Barbara, Corinna ,Roberto, Alessandra, Daniela, Tiziana),insieme con i miei che ho conosciuto qui, in vera Italia, eravamo come una famiglia, una famiglia piccola ma vera!
Siete allegri, divertenti, aperti, la gente che tutti dovrebbero conoscere. Ho avuto con tutti voi una vacanza bellissima e indimenticabile. Non vi dimenticherò mai e sono sicura che ci vedremo ancora.
Con tutto il mio cuore, la vostra croata
Mariana Petrovic 18 agosto 2000

Ciao a tutti!!
Sono Marin un ragazzo croato, sono stato ad Urbania a studiare la lingua italiana scuola Italia per 5 mesi. Voglio dire solo una cosa: 5 mesi che non dimenticherò mai per tutta la mia vita!
Marin Becc-Croazia - 20 aprile 2001

Comments on the Opera Program

The coupling of expert instruction in the Italian language and guidance from masters in the field of music and stagecraft make this program the best of its kind. The town of Urbania is the perfect place to grown of Urbania a musician and as a speaker of the bella Lingua Italiana. I hold this program in the highest regard, and I would recommend it to anyone. No matter how advanced a singer one is, he or she can certainly take something meaningful away from this program.
James Ivey - June 2006

The “Cantant Liric” course offers an ideal combination consisting of the study of the Italian language and the Italian Operatic Repertoire. Both are accomplished by excellent teachers and Professors. To add to this, the little city of Urbania encourages excellent concentration to work and study, and because of the wonderful atmosphere and surroundings, offers relaxation and wellness the same time.
I can recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn the “sounds” of the Italian language in “word” and “music”.
Barbara Schachtner - June 2006

I had one of the best experiences of my life at Scuola Italia. The language courses were extremely helpful and the singing program was excellent. The town of Urbania was very welcoming and charming.
I’ve learned more from the professors at this program than anywhere else.
Ashmani Jha – mezzo soprano - June 2006

The Scuola Italia program for singers was a wonderful learning experience.
The music faculty is very knowledgeable and their enthusiasm for music and opera is inspirational. I learned a great deal from preparing scenes with the programs excellent teachers, coaches, conductor and stage director. I also enjoyed the frequent voice lessons and the opportunity to work with all of the voice teachers and coaches. Every member of this faculty is approachable and cares about each students progress. This course has been among the best of my summer program experiences, and I would definitely recommend it!
Wendy Jones - soprano June 2006

The Scuola Italia offers an excellent combination of grammar, conversation and information about Italian life and culture. The teachers are very helpful and very patient. There is a good mix of teaching, conversation and excursions. The additional teachers who offer conversation and excursions are friendly and knowledgeable.
There is a wide choice of accommodation, at a very good price. The town of Urbania itself is an excellent introduction to living in Italy outside large cities. It is large enough to have interesting bars and restaurants, and all the shops one needs, but it is small, so one can get to know the town and its services quickly.
The town is very welcoming and the people are very friendly, as the Scuola says in its web site. I believe one thing which is very important is that all those who work with Scuola Italia live locally, in Urbania. They are involved in the life of the town, and they know what is happening in Urbania, and can involve students as well. For example, the walk to Monte Picchio with the walking group, including the polenta lunch; or the rehearsal of the play and the choir; the opportunity to visit a local primary school and talk to the children about Australia. Activities like these can make students at the Scuola Italia feel as though they are part of the community.
Scuola Italia is very flexible, and will try to respond to the wishes of its students where they have particular interests.
Elizabeth - Australia 2007

Comments to the student’s of the Fitzroy High School (Melbourne) – September 2007

“Home stay was a great experience and my family was lovely. Sea and I found it difficult at time to communicate clearly to our family who spoke very little English but we always found a way to understand each other”
“I loved the teachers at Scuola Italia. They tried everything to get us to learn to speak some Italian during the week”
Zsa Zsa

“I was very happy with my family in Urbania. They were kind, caring and always willing to cook. I was always full. The cuisine was of top quality. In fact, I felt quite sad to leave them.”
“I really enjoyed taking classes at Scuola Italia. They were lots of fun and helped me in understanding some of the basics in the Italian language, particularly when structuring sentences.”

“Our home stay family was very good, I liked them a lot and they lived near the town so it was easier to get around. The school was good; we picked up some new skills”

“The stay in Urbania was a great success. It was better than the other trip I had in Orvieto last year. I would recommend Urbania again to the school community; however, I think that the stay should be reduced to only 6 days: Sunday to Friday. The students were very happy with the classes at the School.”
Olivetta, the teacher

“As an observer I thought the trip was a great success. Urbania was a pleasant surprise. To enjoy the life in Italy in a small town was very positive for all the students. No negative feedback from the students about their home stay and about their classes at the Scuola Italia.”
Pauline, the Director of the school

I am very happy to recommend the “Scuola Italia”. It is a fantastic language school that takes a real interest in its students and works very hard to ensure that they have a wonderful experience in Italy.
Last year I took a group of 30 secondary school students, ranging in ages from 13 – 16 years old, to the Scuola Italia for a one week study visit and it was a truly memorable week. The 30 students were divided in to small class groups according to their level of Italian and had language lessons every day with the brilliant Scuola Italia teachers, Corinna, Barbara and Sara. The teachers took the time to really get to know the students and I noticed a dramatic improvement in their skills and confidence by the end of the week. They also arranged some exciting activities for us outside the school including a hugely popular cookery class, guided tours of the neighbouring cities and a ceramics class. Our students were housed with friendly local families who made them really welcome – a real home from home! Roberto at the Scuola Italia was always available to sort out any requests, nothing was too much trouble, he even accompanied us to the hospital with a sick student!
The Scuola Italia exceeded all of my expectations and gave us a fabulous week that my students will never forget. We are booking another trip again for this year and I am sure that we will return for many years to come.
Grazie infinite!
Joy Wells – Teacher – ottobre 2015


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