We have published a beautiful anthology of modern Italian poetry. It has the poems in there original Italian language and on the facing page the English translation.

The poets that are included in the anthology are:
- Antonella Anedda
- Dario Bellezza
- Mariella Bettarini
- Franco Buffoni
- Patrizia Cavalli
- Giuseppe Conte
- Claudio Damiani
- Milo De Angelis
- Eugenio De Signoribus
- Fabio Doplicher
- Luigi Fontanella
- Umberto Fiori
- Valerio Magrelli
- Roberto Mussapi
- Remo Pagnanelli
- Feliciano Paoli
- Plinio Perilli
- Umberto Piersanti
- Giancarlo Pontiggia
- Paolo Ruffilli
- Giovanna Sicari
- Michele Sovente
- Adriano Spatola
- Patrizia Valduga
- Cesare Viviani
- Valentino Zeichen.

“The purpose of this anthology is mainly to recover the energy of time in contemporary reality. Between nature and history, suburbs and lost places, metropolis and ravines”
From the introduction by Alessandro Mosce

New Poetry

If you would like to buy a copy of this anthology please contact us at Scuola Italia and we can organise to post it to you.

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