Prepare and sit your CILS exam at Scuola Italia

Scuola Italia signed an agreement with the University for foreigners of Siena to become seat of CILS exam.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated the CILS as "an official instrument for the ascertainment and evaluation of linguistic and communicative ability in Italian".
Being official documents, they are widely recognised in academia, industry, business and government, and can be used as evidence of the attainment of a linguistic level when seeking employment with the Italian Government.

The CILS exams cover four levels based on the Common European Certification levels:

Threshold Level (B1) - Intermediate
Equivalent to Cambridge PET

Vantage Level (B2) - Upper Intermediate
Equivalent to Cambridge FCE

Proficiency Level (C1) - Advanced
Equivalent to Cambridge CAE

Mastery Level (C2) - Expert
Equivalent to Cambridge Proficiency

CILS exams take place twice a year (at the beginning of June and December).
To provide the necessary training to students we provide a four week course comprising 60 hours of one-to-one lessons. The lessons are arranged in the mornings Monday to Friday (three hours per day).
The cost of this course is 1450,00 Euros, which includes the entrance fees for the exam and teaching materials.
It is possible to attend a personalised course for less than four weeks.