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Scuola Italia was founded in 1998, has been under the direction of Roberto Ferri, Tiziana Meliffi, Barbara Rossi and Corinna Rossi.

The first person who you will meet is Roberto, he is chatty, kind and always smiling a typical Italian! He is the organisational mastermind of the school. Roberto will help you plan your trip to Urbania. He will give you all the relevant information you need to arrive here safe and sound. Then once you’ve arrived, he will keep in contact with you throughout your course. He will find solutions for everything, ensuring you will have a great time in Urbania.

Roberto was born in Urbania. He studied and graduated as a surveyor. He immediately discovered that lines and squares didn’t fit with his abundant creativity! Therefore he worked with dedication in the organisational direction of a language school in Le Marche from 1985 until 1995. After ten years in this position Roberto had a solid foundation of experience under his feet and then he decided to make the next step in his career. In 1998 he established his own language school which he called Scuola Italia!

In his free-time, Roberto loves to spend time outdoors. He lives with his wife and son in a beautiful house in the country. Roberto relaxes by going truffle hunting with his dog. The white truffles are an exquisite culinary delicacy found in this region. He also plays tennis, is a keen jogger and loves photography.

Barbara has always lived in Urbania. She studied in Urbino and received a diploma from the Technical Institute for Tourism. She continued on to graduate with a degree in Arts and Philosophy from the University of Urbino, specialising in art history. From 1990 to 1995, she taught in various high-level institutes in the province and during the holidays, she discovered the pleasure of teaching Italian to foreign students. Barbara is passionate about sharing her love of the Italian language and culture. She has a dynamic personality which is a great asset to both the school and the students. Barbara has a lively sense of humour that will make you feel at ease and help you overcome any shyness about speaking in a new language.

Barbara is married with two sons. Like many wonderful Italian mothers a lot of Barbara’s free time is spent supporting her sons varied interests. However the other big passion in her life is acting on-stage. She is a member of a theatrical company of Urbania. Barbara performs annually in local theatres in Le Marche and in other regions of Italy. She likes performing in classic comedies in the Italian language; diction, therefore, is her forte!

Corinna is responsible along with Barbara for the didactic direction of Scuola Italia. Originally from Urbania, Corinna studied at the University of Urbino. She graduated with a degree in Languages and Foreign Literature in 1998. Her passions of travelling, learning about other cultures and speaking different languages makes Corinna a perfect fit for Scuola Italia.
Corinna she has obtained much of her experience abroad. During her time at university, Corinna received a study-grant to go to Nancy in France with the program Erasmus. In 1997 she was nominated by the Minister of Public Instruction as the assistant of the Italian language in Nizza in France. One of the most significant aspects of Corinna’s teaching career was in 2000 when she collaborated with the Pedagogic Institute of Klagenfurt in Austria, holding courses of Italian didactics and proficiency and courses also in Udine Italy.
Corinna has held conferences on particular French authors at the Università della Terza Età of Fano. She has collaborated with the Council Administration of Urbania as a French interpreter. Corinna taught English at the middle school in Sant’Angelo in Vado, and taught Italian from 1982 till 1992 in a foreign language school in Le Marche.

In her free time, Corinna loves to read, she enjoys going to the theatre, going the local swimming pool with her children, playing tennis and singing in the congregational choir of Urbania. Corinna has helped to found the children’s choir in Urbania.

Tiziana Meliffi (born in 1952) graduated in Italian Literature in Urbino. She is involved with the public relations of Scuola Italia.