homeschool language trip for your class

School Language Trip for your Class

 Urbania, a suitable city for most young people!

Urbania is a calm city with 7000 habitants, it is an ideal place for young people that can be independent and socialize with Italians the same age.

Typical program for one week

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The students stay with a local family chosen by the school that welcome them in a warm and friendly way. Depending on the request of the teachers, the children stay in twos or threes per family (half board or full board.) The life in the family is important to practice spontaneously the language, to know the culture, the habits, the traditions and the ultimate Italian cuisine. The school is in daily contact with the families. The teachers are housed in independent apartments.

On the first day the families accompany the students to school at 9 o’clock: with a presentation of the school, the town and they start the lesson. The children come in different groups according to the level they know the language. Through the use of linguistic games and playful activities, the students use the language freely, taking more care in their expression.

Every morning, from Monday to Friday, they take part in Italian lessons in brilliant and communicative ways. On Thursday morning, they go to the market to practice the language. The children are guided by the teachers, walking to ask for information and learning the daily vocabulary.
The afternoon is dedicated to practical activities because young people are active in class.


Cooking Course (about 4 hours)

Cooking Course

Cooking CourseItalian Language Course

Visits to the cities of art             

Italian cooking courses

Ceramic courses          

Accommodation with local families or in a hotel













At a farm, the children, followed by an expert cook, in small groups, compete in the preparation of local dishes such as “piadina” “marchigiana” and typical dishes such as gnocchi, pizza, tarts and tiramisu that they can all taste together at the end. The young people approach the famous Italian cuisine from all over the world, learning the terminology of the cuisine, being together, and enjoying and speaking Italian!


Ceramics Course (1 or 2 afternoons of about 3 hours, depending on the chosen course)











ceramic 1
























Urbania offers a long tradition of ceramics from 1500 that continues today. The ceramics course, together with the cuisine, is appreciated and loved by all people that are able to express their imagination and creativity. Helped by the teachers, they create pieces, they decorate them and, after cooking, every child brings home their masterpiece as a reminder.

Bread and Cheese Making at an Educational Farm (a half day activity)


They were born in Italy’s most famous educational farm (now it is an increasingly important traditional food, to eat healthy and return to the roots!) and also our zone is renowned for this. The children know the various phases of the preparation of bread and cheese and engage in the work! It follows the visit and explanation of the farm.

Guided Visit


Without missing the discovery of the territory: they visit the fabulous Grotte di Frasassi or in the city of Urbino, a gorgeous and unique example of a renaissance city. The trip is decided together with the teachers and the host school. Urbania finds itself in the center of Italy and is easy to achieve its important goals.
Scuola Italia organizes the transport included there and back from the airport and the station.