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Come with us to discover Le Marche!

During your stay in Urbania, the school will organise guided visits to cities of art, mountain bike tours, excursions into the rolling hills of the region, and offers a wide variety of activities for your free-time, such as renowned cooking courses, ceramic and art courses.
The school leads you on discoveries of the ancient villages of the Metauro Valley, its territory, natural beauties and rich local histories.

Urbino is a world heritage site. There you will discover the enchanting Ducal Palace of Federico di Montefalco. It is a splendid example of architecture during the golden age of the renaissance. The palace houses the National Galley of Le Marche. Urbino is also the birth place of Raphael. You can visit the home of Raphael’s early life. Urbino is a lively university city.

Pesaro is a picturesque city on the Adriatic coast and a popular beach holiday destination. It is world renown as the home of Rossini. Every year the prestigious Rossini Opera Festival is held here in Pesaro.

Gubbio is a medieval city that has been remarkably preserved though the ages. It is one of the most ancient cities in Umbria. The annual Corsa di Ceri is an incredible race that is passionately followed by everyone in Gubbio. It is an amazing feat of strength and endurance.

Assisi is the spiritual and evocative town of Saint Francis. It is a hill top town that looks over the olive filled fields of Umbria. It was built from the beautiful pink and cream stone from the surrounding Mount Subasio. Here you will see the amazing frescoes of Giotto in the Church of Saint Francis.

San Angelo in Vado is the neighbouring town of Urbania. A few years ago they discovered the remains of a Roman Villa just behind the centre of the town. Today it is possible to see the layout of the villa and see the beautiful mosaics that graced the floor over 2000 years ago.

Piobbico is a charming village that sits in the shadow of Monte Nerone. Here you will visit the Castle of the Branceleoni family.

Aqualagna is famous in Italy and throughout Europe as the home of the Italian white truffle (tartuffo bianco). Every year there is a festival to celebrate the white truffle season. This is a wonderful opportunity to taste this delicacy. Just walking into town square the extraordinary scent of the white truffle is intoxicating.

San Leo is a stunning village that is set amongst a spectacular white rocky outcrop. The ancient fort that sits high above the village appears to rise out of the imposing rock face. It is a sight that it impossible to forget.

San Marino is a republic that stands alone in the middle of Italy. It has breathtaking views across the Le Marche. It is a tax haven for the rich and famous. Because it is tax free it is a popular town for shopping. Here you can find all the luxurious Italian brands at tax free prices.

Mountain bike and hiking excursions
Discover the natural beauty of the surrounding hills and countryside. Scuola Italia, can organise fantastic excursions for you. It is also possible to hire bikes, here on-site.

Foreign students
If you are interested in a work experience placement in an Italian firm, or here at Scuola Italia, just ask and we’ll be able to organise it for you.