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Italian Cooking Course

Italian Cooking Course - 2

This is our most popular additional course. You will be instructed in the art of Italian cooking.
The Italian cooking course covers both practical and theoretical aspects of cooking.

You will participate in the preparation of the dishes as well as learn about the various dishes, which are typical for the nation and the region. Of course, at the end of the cooking class there will be a lot of delicious food to eat, including wine, water, and perhaps a little homemade "limoncello", which will help you digest after your hard work.

 Italian Cooking Course - 1The price of this course includes the price of the food and drinks.
Individual lesson: 1 lesson (4 hours--- then--- lunch or dinner) € 80
1 lesson for 2 OR 3 people
(4 hours ---then--- lunch or dinner) € 70 per person
1 lesson for a minimum of 4 people
(4 hours--- then--- lunch or dinner) € 60 per person






Italian Cooking Course - 4